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Clinical Approach to Aging Reversal and Health Span Optimization

Dian Ginsberg, MD FACOG ABAARM

The concept of biological age vs chronological age has been studied now in-depth for quite some time. This focus on epigenetic or the pace of aging has us as practitioners and patients both evaluating our health and longevity from this new perspective. Laboratory values of blood count, liver function and kidney filtration rate can now be augmented with data from programmed multitissue epigenetic clocks that enable us to evaluate and assess practical modalities that truly extend lifespan.

We credit the development of the first-generation clocks to Horvath and Hannum. They predicted all-cause mortality using regression models based on CPG methylation status. [1] Second generation clocks such as the Grimm age added blood and health bio markers, calculating time till death. [2] The DunedinPACE clock has created an even more accurate evaluation of the aging rate and mortality risk as it uses CPG sites and blood and health markers within individual patients. [3]

Therapeutic plasma exchange has been shown to remove pathologic inflammatory markers [4] and treat a multitude of diseases including those with an autoimmune and neurological basis. [5-6] Recently published by the Conboy lab was a plasma exchange study illustrating that the “dilution of old blood plasma yields an increase in the determinants of brain maintenance and repair in mice and in people.” They quoted…” rapid cognitive improvements of old mice in this study are thought to arise from abrogating (through NBE-Neutral blood exchange) the otherwise ageincreased extent of neuroinflammation.” [7]

Young plasma benefits as quoted by the Wyss-Coray lab at Stanford:

Intriguingly, we observed an almost universal loss of gene expression with age…aged blood reduces global gene expression, and young blood restores it.

- Immune cell accumulation in adipose depots is a fundamental feature of ageing, and indeed most types, including T cells, B cells, neutrophils, and plasma cells, accrue across diverse organs.

- 1,000 hematopoietic stem cells genes are altered by young blood, perhaps indicating a tight-knit relationship between ageing of the immune system and changes in blood composition.

- Rejuvenation appears to be a much more concerted process: the core network of ageing rescued by rejuvenation consists of mitochondrial electron transport chain genes for multiple cell types.

Young blood both reverses age-related profiles and initiates novel pathways. Systemic rejuvenation of genes encoding components of the electron transport chain is especially striking.

- young blood is a potent instigator of mitochondrial function.

- mitochondrial genes arise even for cell types in which age-related decline is not evident, like marrow monocytes, supporting the notion that young blood may indeed broadly enhance mitochondrial function. [8]

Past young Fresh Frozen Plasma (yFFP®) patients have reported improvements in:
Autoimmune Graves’ - ophthalmic disease and peripheral neuropathy
Blood glucose and diabetes - meds eliminated or cut in half
Knee pain/degenerative arthritis - that PRP could not help
Lower spine/back pain
Torn rotator cuff and resolution of pain, and muscle pathology
Improvement of erectile dysfunction
Eyesight improvement documented from 20/40 to 20/20
Combining an approach of removing aliquots of plasma and then replacing the same amount with young Fresh Frozen Plasma (yFFP) joins 2 therapies with maximal effect.

Preliminary results of two yFFP exchange case studies that are ongoing:

Patient A:

56 year old male – received a 3 liter albumin/saline Total Plasma Exchange 2 weeks prior to his young Fresh Frozen Plasma Mini Exchange. On the day of his infusion, he received a 1 liter removal of his plasma and then a 1 liter replacement with Spectrum Plasma yFFP.

A baseline test before his receiving the 3 liter albumin/saline exchange is not available. Within 2 weeks of receiving his young fresh frozen plasma he reported:

“First, over the past year I’ve experienced dry mouth. Doc says it’s cuz I’m not metabolizing my depression meds as well since I’m older. For over a week now … very very little dry mouth.

Second, I’ve been on a diet for the last couple of months and the weight loss has been difficult - until the past week and a bit. Pounds are coming off much easier. Noticeably easier.

Third, when I was intimate with my wife the other day, she said I was much much firmer down there.” 

TruDiagnostic Testing:

Test 1 – Baseline

Test 2 – 4 weeks post treatment with 1 liter of yFFP


Comparing Baseline to 1 month:


PCGrimmAge - decrease of .04 years


PCPhenoAge - decrease of 2 years


DunedinPACE - rate of aging decrease of 3.6% (2 month results pending)

Patient B:

70 year old male - received a 1 liter removal of his plasma and then a 1 liter replacement with Spectrum Plasma yFFP.

Skin color and energy significantly improved.


Weight loss of 10 pounds within one week with minimal to no effort.


PCPhenoAge - decrease of 2 years


DunedinPACE - rate of aging decrease of 3.6% (2 month results pending)

TruDiagnostic Testing:


Test 1 - Baseline


Test 2 - 2 weeks post treatment with 1 liter of yFFP


Test 3 - 4 weeks post treatment with 1 liter of yFFP

Patient B Test1 Test 2 Test 3 Output Details

In this case, we see a type of hormesis reaction evident at the 2 week point where the system is strained and the parameters worsen.

Comparing Baseline to 2 weeks:


PCGrimmAge - increase of 1.3 years


PCPhenoAge - increase of 4 years


DunedinPACE - increase of .1%


Comparing Baseline to 1 month:


PCGrimmAge - decrease of 5.1 years

PCPhenoAge - decrease of 1.8 years


DunedinPACE - increase of .03%


(2 month results pending)



[1]DNA Methylation Clocks and Their Predictive Capacity for Aging Phenotypes and Healthspan 0Horvath%20clocks,they%20share%20only%206%20CpGs.

[2]GrimAge Outperforms Other Epigenetic Clocks in the Prediction of Age-Related Clinical Phenotypes and All-Cause Mortality

[3]DunedinPACE, a DNA methylation biomarker of the pace of aging








young Fresh Frozen Plasma (yFFP®) is prescribable from Spectrum Plasma, Inc.

137 N Guadalupe Street, San Marcos, Texas

512 518-6262


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