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Can We Reverse the Clock?


Dian Ginsberg, MD RAADfest 2023:

Young Plasma Infusions and Longevity

Reversing the Aging Clock

Video Outline and Timestamps

3:30 Aging adheres to the “Laws of Entropy” 9:00 Young Plasma supports rejuvenation 10:30 Simply add-in young factors 11:00 Young blood reverses age related profiles 13:30 Benefits of young Fresh Frozen Plasma (yFFP®) 14:00 Case studies of Human Outcomes with yFFP

Learn More about Theraputic Plasma Treatment
Young Plasma Has Healing Abilities

Intravenous plasma  from young donors could potentially treat Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases as well as offer anti-aging therapeutics. Young fresh frozen plasma yFFP® contains the perfect blend of vital proteins, anti-oxidants and extracellular vesicles (EVs)- able to rejuvenate body and brain tissues and fight the diseases of aging



There are currently many scientific studies showing yFFP® recipients having statistically significant improvements, this site provides important information for doctors and patients interested in becoming part of further studies


​This site strives to be an important resource providing the most significant research data gathered to date, on the studies and observations that have been conducted thus far on yFFP® (young plasma)


Plasma use has a well documented safety record and has been used for over 100 years in medicine. Using plasma with the most comprehensive testing from healthy college-aged students-brings a winning combination of SAFETY and HEALING

2019 Intravenous Plasma
Treatment for Parkinson's Disease (yFFP®) Study

The yFFP® Treatment for Parkinson's Disease & MS Study is the First of its Kind
  • Kicked off in November of 2018

  • Occurred in Houston's Texas Medical Center

  • Study is double-blind and placebo controlled

  • 17 Parkinson's Disease participants

  • 20 Multiple Sclerosis participants

  • Non-placebo participants received 25mg/kg of yFFP®

  • Results througout the study course were presented at A4M World Congress




ONGOING Investigational  yFFP® Treatments Study YP042022

This study tracks the impact of yFFP over a wide spectrum of conditions...
  • Study approved in 2022

  • Treatments CURRENTLY occurring in clinics throughout TX

  • Employs Epigenetic Methylation and Genomic testing and blood laboratory parameters

  • Tracking biologic age shifts and genome changes

  • Using sex and blood-typed Fresh Frozen Plasma from donors 18-25 years old, drawn at an AABB-accredited facility

  • Study subjects receive 2 or 3 liters of yFFP within 30 days

  • Therapeutic uses across a wide spectrum of conditions including Parkinson's, Alzheimer’s, metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular disease




bags of plasma

2019 Parkinson's Study Results

25-ml of yFFP® per kg of bodyweight administered in two doses over three days, realized statistically significant improvements in this disease-condition.

  • ​Young blood plasma, collected from sex-identified individuals between the ages of 18-25, reverses age-related profiles and initiates systemic rejuvenation

  • yFFP® recipients saw improvements in UPDRS and Stanford Presenteeism Scores

  • Critical disease-related conditions such as fatigue, depression, and activities of daily living vs control saw statistically significant improvements


Dr. Dian Ginsberg Presentation:

Young Plasma Treatment and Reversing the Epigenetic Clocks: New Research and Clinical Applications

Video Outline and Timestamps

Introduction: 1:00 What is Epigenetic aging? 2:20 Changes in proteome across lifespan 3:30 Transfused Blood Stem Cells Keep their age 5:05 Appears blood/plasma affect all tissues 5:50 Young Blood improves synaptic plasticity and cognitive function in mice 8:15 Aged blood reduces global gene expression, young blood restores it and mitochondrial function 9:35 Implications of Exchange https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.cog/pmc/articles/PMC8050203 11:20 Adverse risk data 12:06 FDA Safety Data Https:// 13:09 Ambar Study Data: peripheral access safer than central access 13:39 Complications related to central line, why straight IV of plasma or mini exchange has better results 14:27 YBP on cardiac stem cells: Significant increased proliferation capacities and decrease of senescent cells Https:// 15:50 Supporting cells with young factors so they can clean themselves out and epigenetics improve 17:22 How does Young Plasma make a difference? Https:// and cartilage repair and growth factors:Https://
Brain growth factors: 18.41 Effect of YBP administration on gut microbiota in middle-aged rats (Aug. 2022) 20.09 Past yFFP patients have reported clinical improvements in Eczema, sleep and overall sense of well being, autoimmune Graves’ - ophthalmic disease and peripheral neuropathy, blood glucose and diabetes, degenerative arthritis, lower spine and back pain, muscle pathology, improvement of erectile dysfunction, eyesight improvement 21.38 How does plasma help minimize the disease of aging?Https:// 22.33 Overview of Parkinson’s Study Texas Medical Center 23.26 Results Parkinson’s Study 24:30 Individual Patient Clinical and Epigenetic Data 28:00 Pace of Aging slowed by 3.5% 28:22 Mini-Me Exchange (smaller 1 liter out and 1 liter yFFP in) 31:31 Dunedin Pace of aging slowed 31% in one participant 32:13 Patient B improvements at 2, 4, and 12 weeks, 5 year reversal of GrimAge 34.23 Overview of Latest and Ongoing Study: Investigational yFFP 25 ml per kg Treatments Study YP042022 35.55 Summary and closing remarks

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Meet the Principal Investigator

Dian Ginsberg, MD

Obstetrics, Gynecology & Functional and Anti-Aging Medicine

  • F.A.C.O.G. Medical Director Board

  • Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine

  • Advanced Fellowship Metabolic Medical Institute Advisory Board

  • Member for Functional Medicine University

What Does Plasma Contain?

Study Partcipants

Additional Research

Additional studies where Young Plasma's unique properties might provide therapeutic advantages


Review: Aging and age‑related diseases with a focus on therapeutic potentials of young blood/plasma

Rejuvenation of Bone Marrow and Heart

Young human PRP promotes the rejuvenation of aged bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells and the therapeutic effect on ischemic
heart disease

Proteome Differences:
Old vs Young

Changing of the function plasma proteins with aging creates a higher risk for age related disease 

Plasma Safety
History of Plasma

Plasma is regulated by the FDA under rules delineated in 21 CFR 640. Plasma has been in continuous use since the 1920s, and its general safety and efficacy has long been proven. 

Plasma used for our studies is sourced from a state-of- the-art Apheresis Center that conducts the most comprehensive testing on volunteer donated plasma from healthy college-aged students-brings, a winning combination of SAFETY and HEALING

Highest Quality Source of yFFP®
What is The Dilution Solution®?

Donating plasma is safe and beneficial for young people. Four small donations in a month is volume equivalent to a Theraputic Plasma Exchange, as it promotes neurogenesis and longevity

The American Red Cross estimates 6,500 units of plasma are used daily in the United States

In 2020 and 2021, the FDA reported NO fatalities from plasma transfusions.

Study using yFFP® in patients with AD demonstrate that treatment with yFFP is safe and warrants further exploration

young woman donating plasma


Plasma was first used in the 1920's as a life-saving medicine in US surgical procedures following World War I

yFFP Revolution

In the 1950s a young mouse and an older mouse were sutured together in what's called "Parabiosis". The older mouse improved in both cognitive and physical measurements


Plasma from "Young" Donors is best defined as FFP collected from a donor between the ages  18-25


2.1 Million transfusions of plasma were given in 2019 and only one plasma-related (and completely avoidable fatality) occurred. There were no fatalities in 2020 and 2021.

Plasma News & Publications

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Press Releases

Gladden podcast Tom Casey graphic_edited

Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Tom Casey in this episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast. Tom Casey is the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Spectrum Plasma and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Company’s business. 

dian on gladden_edited.jpg

Dr. Jeffery Gladden discusses with Dian Ginsberg MD, who has years of experience providing comprehensive obstetrics and gynecology treatment and is a functional medicine physician. They talk about young plasma, young plasma transfusion, and the various benefits.

Dian Ginsberg, 4th Place, Rejuvenation Olympics