Plasma from Young Donors Study

Intravenous Fresh Frozen Plasma (yFFP™) from Young Donors Investigational Treatment for Parkinson’s Disease  and Multiple Sclerosis  Randomized Controlled Study ​

August 7, 2019 Six-Month Parkinson's Results

(yFFP) administered in two doses over three days, realized significant and sustained improvements in critical disease-conditions such as handwriting, tremors, facial expression, and postural stability.

April 30, 2019 Three-Month Multiple Sclerosis Results

(yFFP) administered in two doses over three days show sustained improvements in critical disease conditions such as frequency of urination, strength, sexual satisfaction, joint pain, headaches and energy

Study News & Data

Multiple Sclerosis One-Month Results


Press release announcing initial MS one-month results.

Full lab and questionnaire data will be posted soon


  •  yFFP recipients saw improvements in 37/55 categories

  • Critical disease-related conditions such as fatigue, mobility, concentration and urinary control saw dramatic improvements 

Assessment Results

Lab Results

Lab Analyses


About the Plasma from Young Donors Study

The yFFP Treatment for Parkinson's Disease & MS Study is the first of its kind
  • Kicked off in November of 2018

  • Occurring in Houston's Texas Medical Center

  • Study is double-blind and randomized

  • 20 Parkinson's Disease participants

  • 20 Multiple Sclerosis participants

  • Non-placebo participants will receive 25mg/kg of yFFP

  •  Initial results released at A4M World Convention in December 2018 in Las Vegas, NV

  • All one-month assessment data will be released in February, 2019

  • Three-month and six-month assessment data will be released in April and July, 2019

Study Protocol
NuPlasma Quality Brochure

Plasma Facts


Plasma was first used in the 1920's as a life-saving medicine following World War I


Today, over 10,000 units of FFP are used every day in the United States. Because of these high volumes, FFP's safety is well-documented

yFFP Revolution

In the 1950s a young mouse and an older mouse were sutured together in what's called "Parabiosis". The older mouse improved in both cognitive and physical measurements

Plasma from "young" donors

Plasma from "Young" Donors is best defined as FFP collected from a donor between the ages  18-25


Plasma News & Publications

January, 2015

"Blood to blood.. Young blood rejuvinates old tissues"

"Blood from young animals can revitalise old ones"


July, 2017

November, 2017


"Young People's Blood Could Help Treat Alzheimer's"

November, 2017

Stan Med.png

"Clinical trial finds blood-plasma infusions for Alzheimer’s safe, promising"

September, 2018

"Facing up to the global challenges of aging"

Meet The Team


Dr. Dian Ginsberg

Obstetrics, Gynecology & Anti-Aging

Dr. Igor Cherches



Dr. Eddie Patton



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